New project and pictures

I got the start bug last night, (I'm guessin' that at least a few of you know what I'm talking of :o) and was eyeballin' Mira's New Year's Fairy. Kept looking and kept looking and said to myself 'I can DO this ... in a day!' Heh. Kid ya not. It's a challenge. To myself. I'm talking 24 hrs here, total, not in running sequence.
Here is progress at 6 hrs and then at 9 (when I decided to stop)...
I'm using the Crescent Colors that came with the kit, but changed the 32 ct icky brown for this Sugar Maple fabric called Zeus. I've put some of the braiding on, and the dress main color is all there, but have none of the beading done. It's fun to do, mainly because it's going so quickly. :o)
The right pic is true to color, the left is just for the 'sparkle'.
And here is the current progress on my Villa Mira. Just a few holes to fill and the dress is (finally!) completely done. Still a long way to go - probably why I decided to do a quickie ... change of pace. Yanno? :o)
Wow, the Villa M is totally clickable, the other 2 ... meh. :o)
Happy Monday ladies!
Dont'cha hate it when Blogger decided to 'edit' your paragraphs for you. Grrrr. Anyone know, is this just a setting I've missed or is it a Blogger glitch?


Sharon said...

Wow, great progress on the fairy! It certainly won't take you long. About blogger, I can never figure them out!

Heather said...

Stunning progress.

Michelle said...

She's gorgeous! I love her on that fabric. I've been having the paragraph spacing problem since I switched to the new blogger and it drives me batty. The only way I've found to fix it is to edit the html. If you find an easier way - let me know!