I made this last night ...

This is the top sheet for my bed, I opted to go w/the orange 'cuz I thought it was a bit more appropriate w/the polka dots on the sheets. As you can see the ecru I put on the pillowcases faded to something ... not quite right.

Anyway, I have 4 pillows on the bed so 2 more cases to purdy up.

So, if I don't say anything in the next few days I hope everyone has a lovely Thanksgiving!



A full sized 3 DAY blanket!!

Daaaaaang ... sometimes I'm so good I scare myself. heh :)

Some pictures!

1st up, I made another couple of Xmas garlands. I had to kill some time and the roommie begged me to make her some for her tree this year. So far she has 3, all 3 feet long. These things take about 2 hrs to complete.

Next is THE blanket. I made it for this guy friend of mine who's 6' 4" and about 160 lbs (and terrified of the cold :) so I whipped out this blanket to keep his skinny heiny warm. It's a little taller, and not as wide, which is probably why it only took me 3 days to make. A total of 20 hrs. Impressed the heck outta me. But I really like it and who couldn't love a 3 day blanket, eh?

Also started another for his sick aunt who he is going to visit in a week. Almost 1/2 done and sadly, ran out of one color. Hit every Michael's and JoAnn's in town and none of them have it. Pssht. But it's one of Vanna's color, imagine someone else will have it. Somewhere.

Anyway ladies, have a lovely Friday!


Nothing noteworthy happening here ...

but I hope ya'll had a lovely Halloween.



New tp holder ...

I made this for the bathroom last night. Bought the yarn while shopping 2 days ago ... I can never find an orange that isn't obnoxious to me so this was perfect. It's Caron Simply Soft called Mango.

This is my window ... I'm a day sleeper and these help keep the light out while it's still warm enough to keep the windows open. I'm sure I'll get or make some curtains soon ... it's getting colder at night now.

And I'm putting this on here because it amuses me ... roommate got a coupla kittens about a week ago. They're about 8 wks old, boy and girl. They came in my room and were wandering about. Boy cat so much more than girl cat - she's sickly and sadly, died last night. (whoooo ... DRAMA!) Anyway, this is boy cat crawling on my desk lamp. Standing on the remote. :) I thought he was cute.

Since she got the new cat the old one has kinda parked his fat self in my room. He's old and strangely looks just like my old fat, black cat. :) I think I'm giving him an identity crisis as I keep calling him Kraemer. heh

Lovely Monday all!


I made these last night ...

for the roommate. She has this "thing" for Halloween. Actually made 3 then ran out of black.

Happy Thurs all!


It took me a week to make this ...

Just finished this morning and I'm lovin' it. Even without the face. :)

Caron Just Soft yarn and a pattern off the 'net.

It might eventually get a face, although the last doll I made didn't. She's still hanging out on my bed, 6 yrs later ... still faceless.

And just 'cuz ... pretty much my only vanity is my hair. I have a lot of it (it's long enough to sit on)
and I love it. I'm allowed, right? :)

Since I've worked so much for the last few yrs the only thing I ever do to it is braid it and go to work. Only cut it 1X/yr. I took this pic t'other day and comparing it to one I took about 4 yrs ago. My bangs (which are hanging out of the braid here) were even with my chin. We're looking at about a foot in 4 yrs.

Makes me wonder what everyday wear and tear does to it as I don't remember it ever growing that quickly before. Or maybe I just never paid attention.

So that's the vanity portion of this post ...

Happy Tuesday all!


If anyone is interested ...


I've recently found favecrafts.com for my crocheting but they have just about every kind of crafting you could ever want on there, and they're all free.

The link above is for their free ebook from Red Heart yarns that has 25 afghans to be made, mostly crochet and a couple of knitting. Granted, there's only 2 on there I would consider but hey, who couldn't use more crap downloaded to their 'puter?! :)

Happy wknd all!


What *else* I'm up to:

Another of those "pillow"s from Lucy @ Attic 24. This time for the roommate, she wanted me to make one to cover up a roll of TP to sit on the etagere. This is the top done and I'm working down the outside. It's not the same pattern, so much. It is curved because I'm doing it ascending/descending sizes. (I don't know how else to put that) ... small to big to small. :)

The third picture is the results of me wandering through the yarn store and finding this lovely, soft yarn and having a screaming urge to make something... anything. So ... granny blanket!! They're easy and quick. Aaaaaand boring. SO. I decided to make a bunch of these little tiny granny squares and make a row of them. Be interesting to see how it turns out, but it isn't hideous so I'm still working on it. ;) This is about 3 days.

Caron Simply Soft yarn ... this stuff is so soft, and not expensive. Jury is still out on whether or not it lasts but golly it's soft!

Happy Thursday!



Nah, I didn't crochet 'em together. I did find out w/the last one I did that this particular color of thread will fade w/washing so this wknd when I wash the sheets I'll see if it fades to the same color as the other one.

Happy Weds ladies!


Another pillowcase down

2 more to go. Then the top sheet. Doesn't take long to hook these, just a pain to poke all the holes w/the needle.

Haven't worked a'tall on my big doily lately. I did start crocheting a blanket for my friends dog. :) I like her. (the dog) (wait ... the friend too) I'll take a picture soon.

Putting about 1 or 2 floss lengths into my TW Tradewinds as well. Slowly but surely plugging away.

Hope y'all are having a lovely and safe holiday!