It's a butterfly!

Minus the antennae so far, but how cute is this?! :o) Pattern I found on the 'net and only takes about 10 minutes to make. Supposed to use pipe cleaners up thru the middle (as body) and twist the ends at top to be antennae. I don't own pipe cleaners - yet - but it's so cute. :o)
I'm seeing a bunch sewn to a blanket - a light blue - to seem as if they're flying. Or maybe a bunch of small ones on a Xmas tree. Man, if I could have had patterns like this when I was growing up I would have started crocheting loooong before my 20's. :o)
Happy Stitching Ladies!


Missy said...

Cute butterfly. I think that I have seen some done as a pin like at church bazaars or something.

What kind of machine do you have? I have my eyes on an old old Singer on ebay right now...The shipping is going to cost as much as the machine, lol.

Email me at mhighfill@gmail.com

: )

Name: Vicki said...

Love your butterfly!! You do great work!

TwistedCandles said...

That is so cute! Where'd the pattern come from?

Karin said...

Gorgeous butterfly! Glad to see you back blogging - I'd missed you and wondered where you'd gone.

Susan said...

That is so cute! I never learned to crochet when I was growing up (knitting was my forte!). I really like the dishcloths, too.

Michelle said...

Oh the butterfly is so cute. It would definitely be cute with a whole bunch sewn together!