First I have the finished doily. Finally went and bought the yarn, finished it and then while admiring my handiwork the next day (in the sun) realized that the yarn color is slightly off. ::sigh:: Dye lots. They are your friend.

This next thing is a bracelet/cuff thing I saw someone had made and wanted to make one myself. Meh. Nothing spectacular. Since I'm not the type of girl to have buttons laying around to use for these type of things I just made one that I'm calling a flower. I can do that. It's my thing.

I've made a couple more since this one last night. This one is slightly too big, the next was a little too small but I decided I liked it enough to figure out some sort of connecting method since the flower thing won't work for this one. I'm thinking some sort of ... I don't know what to call it. Remember when you were much younger and your pants didn't quite fit so you used a rubber band through the hole and then back to the button? That sort of thing.

Heh ... remember that?? :)

Happy Tuesday all !

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