XS and Crochet ...

I worked a little more on TW's Tradewinds - bottom right corner is mostly done.

And this other picture is me being bored and wanting to crochet and being out of yarn. :) This is one of my pillowcases, I decided to put an edging on it. Only 3 more to go. And quite probably the top sheet. I only have a single bed so shouldn't be too hard it's a lack of motivation thing I have to deal w/since I went and got some yarn last night and now have 3 different things started. heh I have yarn ADD.

That should be my blog title ... Crafting ADD ... hmmmmm. I'm getting kinda tired of Craftee Cab. :)

Happy Weds ya'll.


Rainy Day Crafter said...

I love the crochet edge to your pillowcase! I've been wanting to have a go at doing that myself for a while, but haven't got a clue how to go about it, lol! Your cross stitch is coming along really well too :)

Naomi said...

I have been wanting to do that as well but i have not got round to it! i have the Tradewinds pattern as well.