Hey now ... some stitching!

Got myself situated to where I can stitch again, then busted my Ott lite stand. Not the light itself (which I've had for about 6 yrs now ... same bulb ... impressive IMHO) but the cheap metal pole. Right in the middle and completely clean cut. I'm seriously disappointed.

But still ... stitching. Yay! And it's only been 10 mths since I last worked on this one. :(


claudia said...

Glad you got a chance to at least do some stitching again! I've been working on a baby blanket for my soon to be great niece. Weaving. It will be my first official weaved item. (Unofficial ones are just practice pieces.) I'll post progress pictures and end result on my other blog one of these days!
Good to see you!

Andie said...

Sorry to hear about your light. SQ is looking gorgeous!

Tracy J said...

This is beautiful!