Stitching ADD

I finally decided to work on something other than Mira's Spring Queen. Here is where I ended up. Everything below the sash is new. But that bottom part, the lighter bit, all that is off by one so I stopped before I had to start ripping it all out. }:(

Then I decided to start working on my Mystic Stitch that I haven't touched in way too long. Put about 1500 stitches into it (basically the upper right corner) then decided I was done w/that.

Now I'm working on Bunny Love. a sampler by Cross n Patch. One pic is of where I had left it before, other is after I did all the back stitching for what is done. I think this one is so cute. :) This is the biggest part so it's all downhill from here. Yay.

Happy Weds ladies!

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claudia said...

Everything is looking good! I must say that is a lofty bunch of stitchin' you have going there. I have finally settled myself into somewhat of a routine with my many projects. I am weaving a baby blanket for the newest little girl due in our family in September. Then I wanted to pick up my clock fractal X-stitch again, because at the rate I was going, they will have to put it and all my charts in my grave with me so I can finish it in my afterlife! Then I am trhowing in a small sewing project every once in a while for variety. It's been good, I'm getting stuff done for a change!