More crochet ...

I liked the yarn I used for making the shawl for my aunt so much that I made this scarf w/the leftovers today while I was reading an excerpt from one of the many ladies of history I read about (March was Women's History Month and quite a few people were blogging about their favorites.)

This is the one I was reading while crocheting [yes, I do both at the same time. Should I mention that I was also listening to the Giants/Dodgers game and trying to ignore the roommate taking a nap on the couch and snoring like a pig in a wallow]. Multi-tasking ADD ... gotta love it! Man, I could run the world if I were to harness this talent and apply myself. Instead I read and craft. :) heh


The first picture (scarf) is much more true to color.

And I gotta say "Pssht on spring ... bring on the BASEBALL!!"

Happy Saturday all!

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claudia said...

You are a woman of many talents! Love the scarf, and the shawl!