Whoot! Got my all in one hooked up ... finally. :o( But pictures!!

First one is the Britter Kitty Halloween ornament from the JCS Halloween issue. I just did this one today - took about 6 hrs. All in Crescent Colors that I had and done on 32 ct "Night" by Sugar Maple Fabrics. I thought it was cute. :o) This is my first Brittercup too but hey, any cat with a tattoo is a cute cat. heh.

Next is my Deepest Love by Mira. This is where I was on her about 2 weeks ago.

I have been working on her, but I decided I had to start another in between this one so the next pics are of Crystal Symphony by Mira as well. It was kitted up and I was looking for something fairly easy to start so out she came.

I got quite a bit finished on her so far, almost all of the skirt. Minus the flowers. I finished the one in the corner then decided I didn't like the color combo of them so I am still debating, but will probably go with yellow roses instead of the almost cartoonishly colored reds. Also, was kinda shocked after I got into this one by how blue everything is. Looking at the picture I thought it was going to be mostly gray's.

That should be enough for today's pics. I have a coupla finishes (Mira's that I'd started awhile back) but that can wait til next time.

Anyway, lovely weekend ladies!


claudia said...

I was hopng we'd hear from you again! It's been a while...missed you!
Your stitching is looking great, I love the Britter Kitty!
Maybe looking at your stuff will get me back into the swing of things with my stitching. I don't know when the last time was I picked up needle and thread. UGH!
Hope your new place is comfortable for you. I wish I could get into an RV. You are still doing that, right?

Karin said...

I'm glad you're back posting - I was missing pictures of your Miras! Your BritterKitty is so sweet too.

Tama said...

Wow - six hours?! I stitched that kitty, but he took me a LOT longer - heh, I'm a slow stitcher, though!
Congrats on him and your Mira's; they're all lovely

BESTEX said...

It's pretty!!
Love to see your blog!!
Cross stitch