Another little Halloween finish

Hiya. Here's a cute lil thing I finished yesterday. I'd forgotten how much fun it is to do little ornament type stuff that you can complete in a day or two. :o)

This is "Smell My Feet" out of the JCS Halloween issue. It's done on the same 28 ct "Night" by Sugar Maple Fabrics, and also with Crescent Colors. I opted to change the socks (obviously) to green and orange striped, which has moved it out of the realm of Halloween ornament stuff to the Pippi Longstocking genre. For me. Pippi and Judy Blume got me through my ugly pre-teen years, if yaknowwhadimean.

Rv Living: Takes a little getting used to, but is totally worth it. I imagine it's going to get mighty cold in here. I've bought some space heaters and electric blankets (1 for bed and other for where I sit 'n stitch).

The shower just all around bites. I like my long, hot showers. Those are out. Not to mention having to wash and pre-condition my hair 'cuz I can't even hang in there for the 10 minutes it takes to put in and let the KPak sit. I dunno if I've ever mentioned it, but I gotta lotta hair. Fortunately I only use the stuff 2x/week. Love my KPak. I highly recommend it. I'm not looking forward to the dead of winter in a cold RV with wet hair while it ferments.

The only other serious problem I can find is, well, I'm going to try not to sound like a cab driver here so I'll just say these short little 5 words: RV toilet, my fat butt.

'Nuff said. ;o)

I'm working on another of the Halloween ornaments, that'll be done either this morning or tonight.

Lovely Monday ladies.


Courtney said...

I love the fabric that you chose for that ornament!! Super cute!

claudia said...

Compared to my RV living you're steppin' in high cotton. I didn't have any facilities....! I had to get in my car drive the four or five blocks to the harbor and use their facilities. And showering was fairly public. But my rent was good...none. And my neighbors...non-existent, except for the seagulls and occasional seal lion passing by. You'll get used to the inconveniences, and eventually not notice the pain in the arse they can be. I still envy you. I'm still working on getting my property, somewhere in Oregon I think we've decided.

Sharon said...

Ornament turned out great-love the fabric! As for the RV living-not sure I can hang!

Von said...

A friend of mine here in town is selling her home so she and dh can live in their RV full time. I'm sure adjusting has it's challenges, but it's good. :) I'm kinda part-timing it in my own rv these days until we get our storage room remodeled into another bedroom. DH and I gave up our bedroom to our youngest child and have been using our trailer to escape to at night. It's starting to get cold, but the space heater helps. :)

Michelle said...

Love your finish. Sounds like you are doing your best with the RV living. Hope you stay warm!!!

Anonymous said...

It's pretty!!
Love to see your blog!!
Cross stitch