Some finishes ...

My goodness, I've been stitching but fighting w/my computer. Anyway, here's my finishes from the last 2 weeks:

1st: Be Kind And Your Heart Will Grow. Got it out of the new JCS. Done with the DMC variegated 'cuz I wanted to see how they looked, a little too strong for my tastes but it only took a day to do. Done on 32 ct Silkweaver Rocky Mtn.

2nd: Let's All Sing Like The Birdies Sing. Another from the same JCS issue. Done all with Crescent Colors on some random 28 ct blue fabric I have. This one took about 3 days to finish.

And 3rd: Mira's Halloween Fairy. I finally made it over to Acorns and Threads during the day to buy the threads I needed to finish her. Been working on her for the last week. Changed out quite a few things on her but she's done.

So, I'm thinking that I'm going to try and dedicate myself to finishes this year. Mostly the big ones that I've started, I only have maybe 6 that could get finished fairly easily. Of course I'll be doing others as I go along with my WIP's but really, I started them because I wanted to see them done. No one else is going to do them so I'm naming 2008 my Stop Procrastinating And Do Them year. SPADT. Eh, maybe. The name needs some work. :o)

Here's an amusing story, to me. When I went to Acorns & Threads this last week I was chatting with the friendly young lady behind the counter about threads and stuff. I was saying that I
never get out during the day because I work 7p-7a and they're on the other side o' town so I just can't seem to work it out. She asked what I do, I tell her and she says "You have a blog, huh?" Yes, I do. "Heard in my cab, right?" My God, yes. "I've read it, my sister is a dispatcher in Salem for a cab company and we laugh about your stories all the time."

... !

I was so in shock I forgot to ask her name, but I will when I head back there next time. She was pretty cool to chat with.

I got a reader!! tee hee. She's the first person I've met that has read my blog. That didn't know who I was to begin with anyway, we did have the 2007 TequilaCon meeting of bloggers here in Ptld.

Anyway, ladies, have fun!


Kimberly said...

*waves* Acorns Threads? Is that the best shop in town for threads? I've found them but I could have *Sworn* there was another in the area

Sharon said...

Hi M! I love your finishes. They look great! I really like the Be kind one. Congrats!

Deanne J said...

Congrats on the finishes

Small world isn't it.

Laurie Kathleen said...

Hi! I'm Laurie, and it was great to meet you--and thank you for calling me young, I love you!! Hope you can make it back in sometime.

ImnVerted said...

Acorns and Threads is the best shop in town. Add me as another local reader to your blog. - Rachel

Michelle said...

Ooh, great finishes! I am dedicating 2008 to be a SPADT year too.