S'more finishes

These are what I've been working on most of the time, they're supposed to be washrags although I haven't yet used them for such. Wandering the fabric store t'other day I found this double-strand, 3 tone crochet cotton so I bought some and had to make something with it so I pulled out a book and tried one of these. I liked 'em so much I made about 15 more in the last week. They take about an hour and I really do like 'em. :o)

I made this cute lil sucker earlier today, obviously changed a few things - he's supposed to be a Valentines Day cutie so I just made him a cutie instead. It's a freebie from Dragon Dreams.

And in the spirit of working on my WIP's, I've been working on Mira's Titania. I haven't played with her since November of '06 so I figured it was time. When I stopped she was done but I only had a tiny bit of the left wing done. Now her left wing is done but for the kreinik and I'm working on the right.


Cross Stitch Fan said...

Such Beautiful Stitching! I really enjoyed your Blog today. Thanks for posting your lovely work.

Sharon said...

Love the crochet! So pretty M! Nice wip's!

Karin said...

I love the crochet - and your Titania is coming along nicely!

Sue said...

Love the crochet and the dragon is so cute. I have the Titania in my to do pile I love these fairies.. Have only stitched one and that was the Midsummer night fairy


Jenn said...

Very cute finish. My DH loves Dragons so I'm off to find the freebie. Thanks for sharing it and Titania with us.

Michelle said...

Love your little dragon - so cute! I can't believe those only take you an hour to crochet - they're gorgeous!