Still working on VM

Here is the urn; basically finished but for the beading. This is an 8" hoop (to give you some perspective) so this baby is a beast. She just keeps growing, but in a good way. :o)

Just had a thought from an old stitching question from awhile back, about whether or not you concerned yourself with how the back of your stitching looks. I've never thought of it until I got that question and now I actually think about it when I stitch. Odd. Oh well, at least I didn't embarrass myself too much. heh.

Done shopping yet?! ;o)


Von said...

Ack! No, I've barely begun, lol!

Old Yankee Stitcher said...

The detail in this one is amazing. Shopping? ;-)

Gill said...

Wow, that's one big urn. In fact that's what you should call this piece....Big Ern! ROTFPML

Susan said...

You have such smoking needles!!

Have I finished shopping? That's funny! I haven't even started!

Sharon said...

Hi M! this is looking great, but jeez that urn is pretty intense!