Just a quick update on VM

This is what I've done in the last few days. I hadn't realized how substantial the urn and greenery were until I started stitching 'em.

Get this: my new all-in-one that I'm so impressed with, I just found out today that the black ink refill will cost me $120.00 ... for one little refill. I just about fell over. I paid a penny less than that to *buy* the entire thing! Good thing I paid extra to buy the year's warranty as well, I'm getting the feeling something is going to happen to that thing and it's going to need replacing.

Lovely day ladies!


Old Yankee Stitcher said...

Wow that Urn is huge, but it will make a good contrast to the colorful dress. Sorry about the All in One, mine was close to that but luckily Office Depot has their brand for less than half of the name brand ink cartridges. Makes it a little more tolerable.

Sharon said...

Looks great, though that does look like a pretty nice sized urn and greenery. Have a Happy Thanksgiving!

Anonymous said...

Great progress and finishes. way to go :-) Ann