BEADS!! Beads beads beads

I got these beauties from Karin of Sparklie Things for my PIF gift from her. I'm guessing she MADE these! Incredible huh? If you click the pic you can see the great work she put into them.

Aren't they beautiful?!! I love them. I'll have to come up with some way of wearing them, they are way too pretty to leave in a drawer somewhere (with all the rest of my beads :o)

I love them Karin, they're way too "classy" for a *humble* cabbie like me. :o) Thank you!!


Karin said...

Glad you liked them! I tried to pattern them after Mill Hill treasures, as I knew you liked Mirabilia's.

Michelle said...

THey are beautiful! She is so talented and you should definitely use them somehow!