Hey now, lookkee there ... a picture!! On it's side, but it's a pic. This is the top layer of her skirt with quite a few of the ribbons. As of this morning.

This is about 10" tall on the afghan. The 'ghan itself is too heavy for my hoops so I'm using a q-snap. Awkward dealing with it, but I'm sure I'll manage. :o)

Here's a pic of the St. Petersburg I signed up for. It starts on 3/7 this year. (I dunno why the background is black, it's not like that in the other pic. :-\ But if you click on it, it's not black. )

I believe that's it.

Happy Weekend all!


claudia said...

St Petersburg looks intense! It should be a lot of fun. I'm looking forward to watching your progress.

TwistedCandles said...

Yay! Another one bites the dust, lol. I'll be late coming in, as in summer late, but I'm stitching it! It'll take me that long to be able to afford the kit, lol.

Michelle said...

Beautiful start! I love the idea of stitching it on an afghan.

Lelia said...

Wow. St. Petersburg is quite a project!

Good going on your project [so far]. I look forward to more updates.