Ok ... I'm sorry I've been "gone" but ...

Hey, I think I'm back now. I got a bit worked up (in OH so many ways :o) over the last couple of weeks with a nasty little cancer scare. Fortunately it wasn't the big C for me. I have a different issue, but at least it won't be the cause of my premature death. Unlike my job probably will. heh.

ANYway ... I'm thinking we can all look forward to a more regular blogging practice from me.

And on that note, I signed up for the St Petersburg SAL for Chatelaine. It was just too purdy. :o)

Apparently the Wish Fairy wasn't listening when I mentioned blogger's pics a few days ago. :o\ If she had been I could have shown you the pic I have of my latest Mira start. (What's one more UFO eh?!) heh I started "The Stargazer" yesterday. But I decided to put it on this cross stitch afghan throw I won on ebay awhile back. It's an 11 ct., 66" X 45" medium brown colored throw. So far I've gotten the entire upper skirt (dk brown and greens) done.

This stuff is not as fun as I thought it would be to stitch on. Even tension is the name of the game here. Dang it. Hard to stitch fast when you're concerned about the tension. :o(

Hey now: want a Qwest update? F'ers. I've called 4 X since this started, not including the first call.

"Because of the holidays ..." etc. Yup.

"Because of the snowstorm in Denver ..." etc. Yup.

"Oh, the last person didn't take good notes to let them know how to reach you. So let me get that info and you know, since New Years is coming up ... " etc. Yup.

Today: "Well, apparently they didn't get this information until just 3 days ago. ... No, I don't understand why they would run a credit check on you the night of 12/18 (the night I started all this) but if you could just call back next Monday ... . Oh, No, I'm sorry I don't think they will be able to give you the package deal you were calling about, that ended 12/31." etc. Yup.


Anyway ... Happy Thursday to you all!


Jules said...

I WANT A PHOTO!!! (stamps foot) Can't wait to see the afghan. I know it's a cow to stitch on but the end result is SO worth it. Hope you are OK (healthwise). I'm worried about you.

Jenny said...

I hope all is okay on the health front too!

I stitched "Catch the Wind" on an Afghan, so I know just what you mean about the tension. It turned out really lovely though, and I bet Stargazer will too. :)

Anna van Schurman said...

Well, I'm very good at sharing. ;)

Karin said...

Hey... if you move about 12 hours north-east, I gotta heck of a phone company for you. :-)

I'm really tempted by the St. Petersberg SAL - it looks stunning~