Winter Queen progress

4 days. Looking at the pic, all those empty holes are where there will be beads or spec. thread. BIG holes. 8-O
I'm trying Jules! I'm'a tryin'. :o)


DebVA said...

She's looking really nice. Are your baby hats for the Caps to the Capital project? I'm shooting for 30 caps by the end of the month... Good luch!

Terri said...

She's taking a nap! LOL

I got your book Saturday! Thank you so much! Looking at how large it is, it'll take me a good long time to read.

Sharon said...

Looking good M! I can't believe how fast you are able to stitch these Mirabilia's. I am thinking of starting SS mermaid-that will be a first for me. Love the baby hat.
You know this is the third time today that I have tried to post-beta blogger can be frustrating. I am afraid to change. do other's have the same trouble you think?