Sad Kitty Cat and Sims and ...

Have you EVER seen a more depressed looking kitty? :o) This is how he looks when I'm sick. He follows me around the house and lays near me, either back of sofa or on the bed, waits outside the bathroom door for me to come out, it's amusing. Personally, I think he's just bored, or tired of having his pic taken.

So I bought a new Sims game for my cell. I mentioned once before that I had one on my Palm, but I finished that one. Now I have a new one and I SWEAR this is how some folks describe their marriages, right before they divorce ...

I am a female. I have 5 friends; 3 girls, 2 guys. I have to talk, gossip, tell jokes to get them to like me, once they do I get money and fall in love with them. Every time. (And no, she isn't a prositute. :-)
I can choose to sleep with any one of my friends, whenever I want. However, eventually I MUST get married. If I marry ANY of the guys I have to divorce immediately, at no cost (I take that to mean it's the wrong person) but when I marry a woman, although I am not forced to divorce, if I TRY to divorce I get a "You can't afford to do that" message.
The very first thing I MUST do is learn to cook. If I don't my stove actually catches fire.
I have a ... husband named Penny. Penny is dressed in a tank top and black jeans and has really big feet. (I wear a dress, ponytail and tiny feet.) She NEVER talks to me. She stands in the kitchen and stares at the wall. Always. Even when I invite someone over. I work all day (and am coincidentally the only one that brings in any money) but when I come home I have to cook dinner. Not that she ever eats with me, she's busy ignoring me by staring at the wall. I have to initiate all conversations (and any other thing we do) with her and everyone else.
Apparently I my purpose in life is to buy better things and upgrade my friends so I get more money from them and better jobs. I already have a plasma tv and guitar. Next up I get a new party room, when I can afford it. So I can buy more affections from my friends I'm guessing.

Sounds a bit too much like real life for me. Sorta curious as to what happens when they're all my friends and/or ex's. I don't age and I can't imagine we're vampires so ... ?

I found out today that I might actually have to keep my blogroll up to date 'cuz danged if bloglines isn't down tonight. :o(

AND ... if anyone is interested ... National Do Not Call Registry. You can sign up either - or both - your home or mbl number.

Happy Friday all.


Coonie said...

I think you kitty just look like a black panther!

Little Grey Cat said...

Cute kitty!

I had the Sims once but I could never get past the first level as the oven kept setting the house on fire lol.

Seitherin said...

Pretty kitty!