Any Grey's Anatomy fans out there?!

I had 2 of these guys in my cab on Saturday night - The Fray. (the 2 in the middle).
They had a show here on Sat. night. I picked them up after they had gone to a bar to see a local band and took them to their tour buses still at the Coliseum. They were singing Chris Cornell along w/the radio. :o)
SO: That brings to date ...
Famous folk in my cab:
The Fray (band)
Anthony Kiedis (band - Red Hot Chili Peppers)
David Ogden Stiers (actor - MASH)
Ron Wyden (policitican)
Big "D" (Seattle Seahawks)
Maroon 5 (band - 2 of the guys)
Melissa Ethridge's drummer (I forgot his name)
Rhythm guitarist for Buddy Guy (local - again - forgot name)

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AngelSan said...

never seen the series, no.. But I can't believe you had Anthony in your cab !
Do you chat with these guys, or do you just drive silently?

You are doing a great job with winter queen, and I can't believe you can make those baby hats so fast !!!