Random picture day.

Yet another amusing comic from Calvin and Hobbes. Well, ok, Bill Waterson.

I made this yesterday, finished early this a.m. This in no way denotes that I am a republican, I just thought this feller was cute. Nothing to do with election day today. I'm thinking he needs a scarf or something of that nature. He took about 6 hrs. to make.

This is my fat cat Kramer. He likes to pretend that the things I make and give to him mean nothing, but every once in awhile I get proof otherwise. :o)

I don't know if this makes me ... odd in any way, but I'm reading on the 'net that EVERYone knew he was gay, but I try not to look at people and try to quantify their lives by labeling. (Well, other than the "if this person gets in my cab are they going to try and kill me" variety. That isn't prejudice is it?! Naw. That's profiling. I should put THAT on my biz cards. heh heh.) Anyway ... this is Neil Patrick Harris. Or as well all know him: Doogie Houser M.D. I find this picture amusing, that's why it's here.

Happy Tuesday all!

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Karen said...

The Calvin and Hobbes cartoon made me smile. Thanks. :) You're elephant is really cute.