And the Winners are ....

I have my 5 lovely ladies for my Pay It Forward !! ::picture me as Liza at her acceptance speech - "You love me! You Really Love Me!!" heh

Anyway ... our winners are:

1. Vanessa of Butterfly Knitter
2. Jules of Torkard Threads
3. Gill of Chewed Away
4. San of AngelSan
5. Jenn of Jenn XStitch

Let the Games begin!!!!

Here's what I have to say about this whole idea: I am glad I decided to go with the year!!!

Ladies ... just a note so you can know what (or what NOT) to expect!!

Vanessa: whatever I make you I can PROMISE it isn't going to be knitted.
Gill: whatever I make you will probably not be Xstitched as whatever I make could in no way compete with even the smallest of things that you make.
Jules: I am going to have a GOOD time making yours!! Heh
San: You intimidate me in just about everything you do, but I can't wait to make yours.
Jenn: I'm new to your blog, but I've been reading up and I already know what I'm making you.

So it's ON.


Angel said...

arrrghhh.... I don't want to be intimidating !!!! I was just raised to be able to craft, it's not my fault ! ;)
Just think I'm rubbish at modelling clay and loads of stuff like that...

Vanessa said...

Your comments are so cute! Ha!
This should be tons of fun!

Jules said...

Should I be scared? I feel a little scared! x

Gill said...

No pressure then...lol...I just hope whatever I send manages to live up to expectations!