More hats and progress and some stash!

I found this lovely "tweed" yarn at JoAnn's Superstore t'other day so decided to make a few hats outta this soft stuff. Then thought they were kinda boring so I made the row w/holes in it. Then decided to make some flowers to put on them as well. I'm likin' 'em now. Although they take a little more time to make the flowers and attach, still pretty enough.

I can't find the camera so this is the progress on my WQ. This is the entire right side of her cloak and the middle is her skirt. Slow but sure. Had a not so pretty distraction the last coupla days so I've been preoccupied. :o(

Early Thanksgiving morning John (the ex) wrecked his cab due to a freak hail storm. There was about a mile square that had about 1/4" of hail, and nowhere else. It was weird. Anyway, he hit it on an offramp and lost traction, did a coupla 360's and hit the guard rail head on. He wasn't going that fast but it blew his airbags. He probably would have been fine, all things considered, except when the airbags blew the drivers' bag hit his face, which is now basically a big open wound. It's nast-eeeee. :o{ He went to the doc's yesterday for some back pain - nothing serious. And his face is healing. But it was kinda freaky at the time. I'm not w/the guy any longer, but I don't wish him ill. (Unless it's the kinda I inflict on him!)

Imagine: we're chatting on the phone, I'm downtown at the McD's drive thru and he's on his way to pick up someone. He's driving along and:

He: Oh wow! This road is ... Oh Shit! OH SHIT I'M ... " click.

I'm sitting there going ... duhhhhh. His phone won't go thru. I have the dispatcher start yelling for him on the radio and then I start freaking out on the poor guy in the truck in front of me in the drive thru. (Poor guy will probably never forget this Thanksgiving!)

It was wild. And not in a good way.
Totally forgot that I got these little lovelies in the mail a few days ago. I thought they were SO cute, and now I'm gonna hafta order the "Chickadees" as well ... they're aDORable!! (You can see them at the bottom of this pic)

Anyway, hope everyone is enjoying their holiday preparations!

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Kathy said...

Love the hats they are cute. Wow you have done alot of stitching, it looks fab

Hugs xxxxxx