"I Beg Your Pardon ... I Never Promised You a WalMart - in." :o)

OK. So I'm anti WalMart. I don't have a problem with it. Others do, but I don't get angry at the people that shop there, why should they get mad at me 'cuz I choose not to? I don't understand people sometimes.

I digress ... I just had to say that I have to pick up 3 different groups of people in the morning. 3:30a, 4:15a and 4:50a. Three DIFFERENT groups mind you ... All going to WALMART ... to shop.

2 and a half MILLION people in Ptld, and fortunately - so far - only 5 WalMarts. They haven't taken over the entire world yet, but I'm sure they're working on it. :o)

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AngelSan said...

they are taking over the world, but they try to be sneaky: here they are called Asda.
I don't like to go there: quality is dodgy sometimes, but mostly the shoppers are awful, full of screaming kids, etc, that you don't have in other supermarket.
Oh, and other shops align to Asda price, so why bother ? ;)

But it seems odd going shopping by cab...