Winter Queen ... day 7 (I think)

It's only 2p but this is what I've done in the last 2 days. She's 17 inches tall already. I'm getting bored with the large spaces of same colors. ::sigh:: But onward I trod. The right side there is about 1" from the end of the fabric so she is just baaarely gonna fit widthwise. Lengthwise, no chance. She'll be about 3 inches too short.

I was also thinkin' about not doing the folded dress and wrap that is behind her ... behind. :o) But now that I'm looking at it, it'll look lopsided if I don't. I'll figure it out when I get there.

As always, click to enlarge. She's much prettier that way. :o)

San: Yes, I chatted w/the guys for a bit but it was a quick trip. Basically:

Me: So, how was the concert tonight fellas?

They: It was all right. We've done better.

Me: Aren't you supposed to say 'We were GREAT?!!' grin

They: Um ... we were great?

Me: Aw come on now, you can't muster any more enthusiasm than that?

They: Well, you know. It was just all right. So have you heard of us?

Me: Only because of Grey's Anatomy. As I'm sure most people have.

They: Yeah. That show definately made us more well known.

Me: Indeed. Is that the rest of the band there at the bus?

They: Yeah. Those are our 'homies'. grin Thanks!

Me: Toodles!

And they were singing along to Chris Cornell on the radio. Looking at that pic of the fellas the guy on the right (2nd from right in pic) looks kinda funny, but he was in my rear view the whole time and I gotta say ... bee-U-tiful eyes. Hot hot hot.

And Sharon, I don't believe I've had many (if any) problems w/my Beta since I switched. I remember having problems with others beta blogs before I switched over. Maybe that's the problem you're having as well.

Happy Day all !


Kathy said...

Wow Winter Queen looks fab.

Hugs xxxxx

Coonie said...

Your winter queen looks beautiful!