Just a couple of thoughts ... (rant ahead) and a progress pic.

Just because I don't HAVE children doesn't mean I don't LIKE them, I just choose not to own any.

Scenario: I live in an apt. complex that has 136 apts. We have 1 bdrm bldgs, 2 and 3 as well, but on the other side of the courtyard. I have lived in this 1 bdrm for over 5 yrs now, bottom floor, in the back. My back porch butts up to the back yards of the houses on the street behind us. I work nights. I realize that the majority of the world doesn't so I do whatever I have to to make myself comfortable to sleep during the day. (Ear plugs. Blackout shades on windows. that kind of stuff.) And I go out of my way to not make any noise during the middle of the night when I'm home and up.

I understand that people make noise. I DO. I have NEVER complained when someone is making noise, generally. I've had 8 different couples and/or singles live above me.

* There was the veeery large gentleman that was a heel walker.

* There was the young lady that wore high-heeled shoes EVERYwhere, from the moment she got out of bed, all day, all night. Even in the bathroom.

* There was the young lady that EVERY SINGLE Sunday morning would have outrageously ... acrobatic ... sex with her boyfriend and then spend the rest of the day listening to the same damn Kylie Minogue song, over and over, for hours on end ... loudly. (Still feel homicidal whenever I hear KM).

* The last couple had a 6 mth old Bull Mastiff with feet bigger than mine.

I've dealt with these wingnuts quite admirably I've felt, having never called the office on the folks upstairs, ever. ( I had a roommate once ... whenever someone made noise ... whew!) I've only called the police once and that's on the neighbor behind me, in a house, that mowed his lawn at 7a on Sunday once. (Noise ordinance: it's not illegal between 7a-10p)

The young Russian couple upstairs had the cuuuutest little girl about a year ago. I kid you not, this kid was just adorable, she almost never cried. And then she started walking. Which, in and of itself, I don't have a problem with, I can't even hear her. And hey, that's what kids do. :o) BUT, every single day I have to listen to this child pound on the pots and pans in the kitchen for an HOUR. Every single day. (I'm guessing that the mother is sleeping because when I get to the point where I pound on the ceiling, the child only gets stopped when I pound on the bedroom ceiling.)

BUT TODAY ... I couldn't get anyone to stop the child. So I called the managers. She could clearly hear the pounding over my phone. I was incredibly polite about it ...

Me: Hi, I was wondering, do we have any maintenance going on today that they would be pounding on the floors upstairs?

She: Wow. We must have, since it's so loud. Let me check ... um ... no. I'm not seeing anything.

Me: OK, I was just checking because it's really loud up there.

She: yes, I can hear it.

Me: Do you think you could talk to the neighbors up there, please?

She: Weeeeellll, honestly Michelle (I've been here longer than anyone else by more than 3 yrs so they're all pretty friendly) they don't speak English so I can't really say anything to them.

Me: Ummmm, well, do you think you could go up there and do some sign language or something? This is pretty bad.

She: I might be able to send someone in a little while. You must be sleeping, huh?

Me: Nope. Been up for a few hours. It's just really annoying.

She: Ah. Well, we can't just send someone to talk to the neighbors just because you don't like children.

Me: Excuse me? I'm complaining about the excessive pounding going on in the apt. above mine. And "... don't like children."??? Where do you get that?

She: Well, you know. You don't HAVE any. We just assumed you don't like them.

Me: So ya'll are sitting around the office talking about the fact that since I don't have children I must be a child-hating bitch eh?

She: *gasp* No, Michelle! Not at all!! Oh my God, I hope I didn't give you that impression!

Me: Well of course you did. I took it exactly as you meant it.

It didn't get any better from there. I was seriously irritated. Jeez. Close-minded sob's. Arrrgh.

A thought: I made my cab stories blog to not allow comments any longer. I don't want to take the chance that someone might accidentally call me by name. It's a little bit of safety that makes me feel a bit better. Coincidentally, this is also why every time I comment on someone's blog it says "M" instead of Michelle. (You ladies know who I am, that's what really matters. :o)

And finally ... today's progress on Titania. She's getting too big for my scanner now. Just one more orange ribbon and a few leaves, then on to the wings! I'm looking forward to playing with those, that's why I saved them for last.

Happy Wednesday all!


Gill said...

Oh, how infuriating! People are much too quick to jump to conclusions about other people!

Titania is looking fabulous! :-)

Von said...

I don't understand the people who jump to conclusions either. There can be so many reasons why a couple do not have a child or children, as well as so many reasons why others have an SUVful. :D

AngelSan said...

technical question: why didn't you go upstairs and talk to the neighbours?
You are not allowed?

I can't believe what that lady said. Noise is noise, whoever does it, and as far as we know, it could be the mother !!!

great stitching on Titania !!!

Sharon said...

I would have had steam coming off my head-some people need learn how to control their children at home and out! Great progress on Titania!

Terri said...

Just because I have a kid doesn't mean I like everyone else's! LOL

Thanks for the book offer. It's much appreciated!

sew creative at cox dot net