Rumor has it I should feel bad about this ...

But I don't. :o)

I'mb Sick. I amb so sick I swear I'mb going to be hacking 3 days after I die. (assuming I'm lucky enough to die, that is.)

Finally went to the ER last night, pneumonia. eesh. But so NOT the point.

I was sitting in my chair last night, staring at the ceiling, praying for a quick(er) death when my man gets outta the shower, getting ready for work. I'mb sleeping sitting up 'cuz as much as I enjoy - and appreciate - having lungs I don't like to listen to them fill with fluids while I'm laying in bed.

He: WHEW! Something stinks in here.

Me: whispering It might be the Vicks I've slathered on my entire body. *cough*

He: I smell that, but I don't think it's that.

Me: *gasp! cough*

He: Really. It's nast-eeee.

Me: I can't smell anything. Can't help you. *sneeze*

He: about a minute later. Dayyyummmmm.

Me: *cough* figure it out. I can't smell, at all.

He: You think I got time to figure out what it is that smells so bad? SOMEone in this house has to work.

Me: *hack* If you aren't going to do something about it then quitcherbitchin.

He: But it STINKS! BAD. I don't have time ...

Me: Shut. The fuck. Up. And get out of here. *cough*

Should I feel bad about that? I can't find it in me. (Now we REALLY know why I'm not a parent! heh heh. "Do something about it or stop whining." Pretty much my entire philosophy on life, were I to have one.)

And then I get a note on the door from the apt. mgrs. Apparently w/the new voting is coming an additional tax increase per unit on all rental units in our county. ($300.00 per) So they're letting us know that if it goes thru they're going to raise the rent on the apts. I pay $615/mth for a 1 bdrm. It's nice, but it isn't THAT nice. jeez. No chance I'm gonna pay upwards of $650 for a 1 bdrm when I can get a decent 2 with an extra room for crafting for the same price. Arrrgh. We're already in the top 10 for highest business tax in the country. I paid almost 8K for my cab license last year. And that doesn't include the 30K I paid for lease. And the 7K for maintenance on the car. And the 3K I paid for gas last year. Add in the 9K for rent/housebills. That's 47K JUST in output alone.

I guess there are SOME bad points to living in a state with no sales tax. But of course, it's nice to live in a state where it's illegal to pump your own gas. :o) No matter how nasty the weather you're pretty much forced to stay inside your warm car and let someone pump your gas for you. Aahhhh ... the humanity.

OK. Sorry. I'm sick and irritated. :o) And maybe a little whiny. But I can't work up the energy to play with my stitchin. How sad is that.

Safe Holiday Weekend everyone!!


Terri said...

I had no idea there were places it was illegal to pump your own gas!

Hugs...hope you feel better soon :(

Jenn said...

Didja ever figure out what the stink was? I half expected the note from the apartment manager to be notice of a gas leak or something like that...

Gill said...

Sorry you're ill {{hugs}}. Did you locate the source of the smell in the end?

claudia said...

I'm sorry you feel so bad. Get well soon! Hope the stink goes away! What was it anyway? Do you know yet?

Michelle said...

Hope you get to feeling better soon. You were so right on about telling him to shut up. I would have too.