Hey lookee there ...

A stitching progress post!!! Titania, as of yesterday.

I just finished the rest of the pink on her dress, and started the orange ribbon. Even though I don't like orange I figured I could force my way through it because:

a) I don't have to think about it too much and can move on to something else
b) It IS Halloween after all.

So, whatcha think of this? This is what I'm thinking will be my "business card" for my cab stories blog. While digging thru my bus. card program, thinking of changing my regular cards I found this and figured it would be perfect for my cab stories! The girl in love, the drunk guy, and me, sitting in the front, crying. :o)

There are certain people that I want to give my web address to, but it's a pain to keep writing it on the back of my reg. business cards.

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Jenn said...

Speaking of the cab blog... I can't comment there but sugar honey iced tea, woman!!!!! I am SOOOOOOOOo glad you're okay and I hope they catch the scumbag soon. That's beyond freaky! I hope the dispatchers have put out an alert to all the drivers??