QM progress

Here's a little more progress in the last 2 days. I haven't had that much time to work on her, but I get it where I can. I am looooving this stitch.

And I gotta say, thank you ALL for the wonderful comments on my progress!! It's so nice to have people out there that appreciate what we do. I went into a thrift store the other day looking for books and found a full sized filet crochet dining room tablecloth. It had these incredibly intricate little motif's and you could just tell that someone spent a LOT of time on it. It was going for $25. Couldn't believe it.

Happy thoughts !


lissylaine said...

Beautiful, and I love your fabric!

Jenna said...

She's looking really good! And what a shame about that tablecloth. I know that's what will end up happening to my stuff someday, when I'm gone.

Jules said...

I bet you that you've finished this by the time I get back from my holiday (have I mentioned that I'm going to Spain on Saturday???) Glad you're enjoying it, wonderful when that happens and you're not just stitching to get it finished. x