QM and a scarf.

Oh my gawrsh, blogger let me upload a pic. I must've been good today! I didn't work last night so here it the progress on my QM. Finished the entire right side (her left, I suppose) and some hair, then started w/the kreinik on her bodice. For some reason I'm feeling a screaming urge to backstitch this lovely.

I did find a potential problem tho. I'm not liking working w/the kreinik AT. ALL. Haven't done it before and now ... not so much fun. It doesn't flow. If I could read the future I'd say I can see me finishing all but the specialty flosses then putting it away and starting something else. Arrgh.

Not one of my better qualities, I'll admit, but when it comes to crafting, there are so many things I do and could BE doing that I don't like to get stuck on something that takes too much time... or has stopped being fun for me. How very ... OCD ... of me. heh

I've been trying to upload this pic for a few days now. I started this scarf Sat. night while in between runs @ work. I wandered thru the local Fred's and they have all yarn 'B2GO free'. I got this Lion Brand Suede ($7/skein). It is soooo soft. This baby is about 6 ft. long so far. Gonna hafta go get more.

Only thing I don't like about the suede yarns is they unravel off the end if you don't knot it, then ya got the knots to deal with ... sigh. It's all a big ugly circle. But hey, if it's only gonna sit in a bag in the closet, it won't bother me so much. :o)

About time to work ... Happy stitchin' all!


Jenna said...

Mmmmm... suede! That's making up into a lovely scarf! And your mermaid is looking lovely, as well. Have you thought of using Thread Heaven to make the Kreinik behave a little nicer?

Jules said...

Hi, left you a message last night and on checking back it doesn't look like it's arrived.

Just replying to your comment on my blog - we are going to Spain on holiday, a week of sun, sea, sand, sangria and anything else we can think of doing that begins with S!! Look on my blog on the 10th June post - THAT'S a budgie!!!! And Jenna has beat me to it about the Thread Heaven - couldn't have done my bee without it! x

Michelle said...

Stick with the Kreinik, it will be so worth it! Maybe just work a little on the Kreinik, then switch to something else, then switch back. Your mermaid is gorgeous! Love the scarf too!