Could I get an opinion or two here? :o)

So I was thinking of starting a blog just for cab stories, to kinda keep my crafting and cabbing separate. Actually, I am going to, but I'm not going to do it on Blogger.

1) I have some pretty risque' stories. The one's ya'll have seen are pretty tame. And I don't feel it's right to violate you lovely ladies' senses with my filthy mind. ;o)

B'sides, I wouldn't want any of you thinking I'm any different than how I see all of you: working housewives and mothers with perfect, republican families and children that are environmentally conscious, vote, pay taxes, don't litter and carpool to all church and stepford meetings by bike.

2) When I do it I don't want anyone to be able to (perchance) track me down for OH so many reasons.

I have LOTS o' stories and I see myself (a la Carrie Bradshaw) creating my own little cult following ... blogs ... newspapers ... celebrity spots ... male stripper judging ... an HBO series ... a movie ... the presidency ... my own ISLAND ... !!!!!!!!!!

Whoa. Delusions of grandeur there. Ahem. Anyway. Anyone know of any other unsuspecting, free blogsites that I can violate?! :o)


Jenn said...

LiveJournal. I've got my weight loss blog there, mostly because I originally wanted that one to belike completely totally utterly private... and then my friends started sending me links to their LJs and I started commenting... and now it's not so private anymore out of necessity. But that's okay cause I'm not posting such heavily TMI stuff there as I had been.

I know one gal on Xanga. MSN has a Spaces thingy. And then there's MySpace (ick ack ptuie, you have to be a member to even read someone else's space)

My Life In Stitches said...

I know there are several free blog sites. MSN Spaces is good and also Bravenet. HTH!

Jules said...

Brilliant idea! Just don't make it too hard to find cos I wanna read it!!

p.s. Kreinik threads - there's a little product called "Thread Heaven" which I couldn't have done my bee without. You just run the thread over the top a couple of times and it makes it much easier to control.

Good luck with "Sex In The Cabbie" x

AngelSan said...

your description of "perfect stitcher" scared me. I usually stay away from those blogs. I'd rather read about fascinating cabbies !!!!
Besides, I don't fit the description. No husband, no kids, no church... But my life as a mad scientist is boring, so no extra blog.

Please tell me the url of your new blog when it's done !

Jenn said...

Angel's totally right, by the way. I'd much rather read about real people and their real lives than Stepford Stitchers.

I don't know about the other sites, but LiveJournal has a "cut" tag in which you can hide the risque stuff behind a link. That way, if you think it's going to be offensive to certain people, you can remove it from the immediately public view and still leave it accessible to us nosy busybodies! :)

Susan said...

Just remember to let us know the url - your cab stories are a riot, and I can handle risque, even if I am a republican wife LOL. I believe wordpress has a free blogging site.

Von said...

I'm with Susan, Michelle. Be sure to post a link to it! Just because I may fit into your profile doesn't mean that I'm interested only in people like me. :D

trysori said...

livejournal, greatestjournal, deadjournal, xanga, wordpress.com, there are literally hundreds of free blogging sites out there.