Sunflower update

Almost done. I'm off to work in about 4 hrs so I hafta buy the 2 colors that I'm missing ... also have to buy the floss for my Winter Beauty Princess as I got the fabric in the mail today.

J actually likes this one. :o\ Usually he'll just look at whatever I'm making and maybe make a guy comment ... "Huh? Oh, yeah. Nice." But I showed him the pic of this one and he said "Wow. That ought to be cool." I just about fell outta my chair.

I'm catching up on my TiVo watching today, watching the Braves try to give the win to the Padres. I love my boys, don't get me wrong, but DANG IT, get some new pitchers fer crissakes. grrrrr.

Gotta go throw something at the t.v.



Karin said...

Love the progress! Can't wait to see more!

TwistedCandles said...

Cute sunflower! Can I ask what you're going to stitch WBP on? It's my next start and I think I'm going to use the Venus floss on it. Have you checked out the PR message board?

Jules said...

I'm with J on this one - I LOVE it. You always know when you've done something really special. It's when you get more than the polite "grunt" from your other half and he actually LOOKS at your stitching!!