Lookkee what I got in the mail today!!

Also went to the fabric store and got the floss I was missing for my Flowers, but got the wrong one to finish my Sunshine. :( But, J is off to go rescue his aunt (ran outta gas) so he said he'll stop by the fabric store and get the 1 color I need to finish Sunshine. What an enabler. :o)

And since I was feeling ambitious again, I bought the fabric for my Monet. Not that I'll probably ever start it, but in case I do, I have it! The fabric store had all Zweigart fabrics on sale for %50 off. I bought 28 ct. laguna, cream flavored. It was $42.99/yd so I bought 1.5 yds of it. And good gawd that had better be enough!

Gonna stitch for awhile then J and I are gonna go play some pool.

Happy Monday all.

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Jenna said...

50% off of Zweigart fabrics? Oh... drool....... I'm jealous! ;)