Progress on the flowers ... and tonights' cab story

This is yesterday's progress on my Flowers. I ran outta the green for this. :(

I am throwing in random cab stories just 'cuz they're usually amusing and everyone can use a laugh. :o)

I picked up 2 young men that called me (my cell phn) at about 10:30p out in Gresham. It's about 25-30 mins to dntn Portland so we had some time to chat. The one up front has ridden w/me before, the one in back hadn't.

So we're driving along, trading laughs and Ryan (upfront) re-introduces himself and the young man in back tells me his name is Caleb.

After I tell Caleb "Hi" Ryan says "But we like to call him Malibu Ken. He likes that."

I said "Oh Caleb, I'm SO sorry!!"

They both look at me blankly (I'm sure all the ladies reading this have seen THAT look on many a young man's face before!!) and Ryan says "But why say you're sorry? Look at him, he's a pretty boy, he surfs, is always tan and all the good lookin' girls want him."

I look at Ryan and say "OH WOW!! I'm sorry. I thought you called him that 'cuz his boy parts are missing like all the Ken dolls."

And they cracked UP. They're going camping this weekend and he says he's gonna tell all their friends about it.

I crack myself up sometimes. :o)

And just to make it a little more entertaining when we got downtown they saw their friends there but they weren't going to hook up until later. After I dropped off Caleb and Ryan I happened to be stuck in traffic right next to their friends so I told THEM all about it. They were bustin' up laughing. Me: "make sure you ask him about it."

Fun, short night. One more night of the Brewer's Festival. Whew. All that drunken joviality is wearing on the designated driver.

Happy Sunday all.


Jules said...

The effect of stitching in one colours is lovely, but don't you get bored? I love the fabric you've chosen.

I like your idea for the August SAL - Winnie the Pooh! Inspired! Why didn't I think of that? Might have been cheaper!! x

Jenna said...

You get the most interesting stories as a cab driver! :)