Flowers finished

So here it is, in all it's glory. Total of, maybe, 7 hrs to do. Took longer going to the store and getting the floss than it did to actually make the thing!!

I was all set (and excited, truth be told!) to start my Mira but now I got J stressing over me "making" him go to the CRAFT STORE and then not finishing the Sunshine. So, I'm working on that one right now.

This is what I was working on yesterday, month 11 of my "Vintage Treasures" quilt. I love these Block of the Month quilts. The hard stuff is done, you just have to sew it together. But, since I stitch by hand instead of the machine it takes me awhile. Only 1 month to go and then off to the setting kit.

Oh, and as far as the SBQ for this week re: scissors ... I have 2 pair. A matched set of gold Ginghers, one for thread and one for fabric. Pretty much all I need. (I made J buy 'em for me after he used my thread scissors for paper ... WTF??!!! So, of course, I got the expensive ones!!)

And I'm gonna throw this one here just 'cuz I think it's funny (I was commenting on Krafty Kathy's dishwasher saga and remembered it!)

I had to take my cab in one day to be worked on not too long ago and this guy was doing his typical "this is a woman what does she know" dance. I was telling him I thought it was something connected to my drive shaft making noise (long story there) and he ACTUALLY said to me "Now what does a pretty little lady like you know about drive shafts?" and gave me that smile. I HATE that smile. So I said to him "Isn't that the little short thing next to the turn signal fluid reservoir?" and gave him that smile back. Once again got that blank look I often get from guys and then I started laughing.

I crack myself up sometimes. :o)

Happy Tuesday all.


Jenny said...

Cute story about the mechanic - maybe I could work that one in next time I go to the mechanic and get that attitude!

Kathy said...

Hey Michelle how are you? Thanks for your comment on my blog. Lol would love to have seent he mans face I bet it was a picture.

Hugs xxxxx

TwistedCandles said...

Apple green sparkle, eh? Intriguing... Can't wait to see it! She's pretty on nearly anything though. I have yet to see a fabric that doesn't compliment her.

Michelle said...

Your flowers and your quilt block are beautiful! Congrats on the finishes.

Jenna said...

You are a HOOT! I love that you gave it right back to that mechanic. Idiot. ;)

Your flowers look really nice. Will you frame them?

Gill said...

I love the cab stories...keep 'em coming..I can aways use a laugh!

Susan said...

YOur stitching is lovely! LOL at the mechanic's comment