Seen enough pictures yet ...

Can you ever really see too many pictures?! :o)

This is my first quilting attempt. Finished it not too long ago. It's 4' X 4'. Took me about 3 mths to finish, all the sewing was done by hand. I think it's beautiful (IMHO), especially for a first try, just don't look at the back. :o) Misjudged the size of the backing fabric while I was quilting. I was pretty amused with that one, lemme tell ya.

And just 'cuz, here's a pic of my fat cat, Kramer.

J and I inherited him from his mom just over a year ago. He's a 25 lb., 11 yr. old chunk of meat.

He's always sitting on the back of the loveseat on the right cushion, his favorite spot. Well, he's got it so squished down now he's decided to move on to the left cushion. It's just sad. :o) I always have the afghan sitting on the loveseat, on the left back cushion. Apparently it was in his way so he had to move it to the lower cushions, and roll around on it awhile THEN he got on the back. Hilarious cat. He def has his own personality.

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