All right ... Check THIS one out!!

THIS ... ladies and gentlemen ... is Ron Waterman, "THE (cue the music) H2O Man"!!! He has his own theme song. :o) This has cracked me up since I found it ... I used to play grab-ass on the bus with this guy in Junior High School. How funny is this. He was my brothers' best friend for quite a few years and was THE hottest guy in school. I saw this guy in a diaper with a woobie hanging from his mouth during football razz. Turns out he stayed in the same city, now teaches at the same high school and is a professional wrestler. Man, how cool would it have been to go to school where your teacher is a pro wrestler??!! I bet he inspires lots'o kids. We DID have an ex Denver Bronco player in our Jr. High as a teacher. Mike ... something. He was hot. Our health teacher. He definately was healthy!! Also had a movie filmed at our Jr. High, but that's another story. ANYway ... here's Ron. Aaaannnnndd ... he's religious now. Interesting. Sorta curious as to what he did that turned him religious. :o) I'm anti-religious. Not anti-God. Just against religion. (have you checked into Eckenkar?!!) Whoa.

G'nite. M

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