A Little Something to Look At ...

I don't really have much to pass on. Been working on my Tuscan View this morning, done a bit of backstitch and other filling in. Finished the sky - correctly. :o) I'll have a picture of that one later today. Isn't it amazing what a huge difference a little bit of backstitching can make?!

Went to the craft store yesterday and bought some new knitting needles and some liquid polymer clay. I plan on trying to make some mosaic w/clay. I got some new books in the mail a few days ago (God bless Ebay!) and want to try some of the stuff. It's my new crafting obsession. There are so many things that can be done with clay. Here's a couple of pics of some stuff I've made in clay ...

I started making pens then moved on to little animals and whatnot, stuff that caught my eye. Then I saw these little catch-all paper mache boxes and thought ... "Hm ... I wonder if I can ..." so covered these things with some mixed clay (I love the way the penguins box actually reminds one of water/ice) and was having a REALLY good time. The moose was a pen originally, I morphed him down to fit on a box. I made a LOT of these (I fell in love with the hiking boots) and gave 'em away.

And if anyone is interested, here is a pic of the most current aghan I'm working on.
Last year we sat in the back of the truck and watched the Ft. Vancouver fireworks - alongside a few thousand other vehicles, lawn chairs, etc - and towards the end of the show the wind was picking up on the river, it got a tad bit chilly. I decided to make this wholly appropriate blanket to keep my sad self warm. :o) I just need to finish sewing on the stars and it'll be all done. I really like this one. :o)

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