Is it just me or ...

Am I the only woman in the world that thinks she can cut her own hair? I mean it grows back fast enough and all but ... dayyyyyyuuuuummmm!!! I don't know WHAT I was thinking, assuming I was thinking. My hair's about 2.5 ft long, almost down to my waist and I decide (after years of growing it out) that I want some bangs again. Something subtle. Just for ponytails and whatnot. Didn't QUITE work out that way. Whoa.

Been busy working. (eesh!) But, been fairly amused by all the goin's on about town w/the Rose Festival just starting last night. Wow. But, on an interesting note; we do have the ship used in the movie "Pirates of the Caribbean" docked downtown. It was kinda cool to see. I was driving across one of the bridges into town last night and I thought I was hitting a time warp!! Pirate ships downtown !!! :o) Oh, also have another ship docked next to it from some upcoming movie. Daily tours and pirates wandering around downtown giving away stuff. It's kinda fun. Can't wait for the sailors to hit town. It'll be a party.

Here's a pic of what I've decided to work on tonight, since I'm off and will be up all night anyway. (The dark on the right is only the fabric bunched in the scanner.) I have a bunch of filling in and the sky to do, but for the most part, the major stuff is done. This is my first -back to cross stitching - project I started a few months ago. I was goin' to town on it, then realized that I had done the sky wrong. In lieu of frogging the entire sky I put it away and decided to work on something else. So today was looking for something different to play with and pulled this one out. How disappointed was I when I found out that nothing in the closet had decided to frog for me. :-( After about 1 minute of THAT I decided to cut it out. (BAD Michelle!) So, off to that one I am.

Toodles! M

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