"Dragon Rampant"

Or what I have of him so far ... this is as far as I got yesterday. I never tried to do any T.W. designs on 18 ct. or larger ... this 1/4 stitch stuff is cheesecake when the count is this large!! ;o)

So I'm off car shopping today - again! :o( I'm not liking this much. I've had the same truck for quite some time, but now I need to find a car to replace my cab. Eesh. The restrictions. Between the cab commission, the city rules, the bank/loan people, the insurance folks and the car lot people ... damn. Hopefully I won't have to do this again soon.

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Lelia said...

Wonderful dragon (so far)! I've not tried any TW designs.

Good luck with the car shopping. My oldest DD has been looking & cannot afford anything she sees!

Enjoy the week-end.