AAARRRGH!!! Blogger!!

I had this nice rant going on earlier, full of details and pictures, got it all set up and when I finished typing I get a "Cannot connect to Blogger" message. WTF??!! Eesh. I've seen it happen often on here tho. SO. I'm gonna rant about something else real quick then maybe later I'll re-do the other ...

DMC... OK. We all know DMC. Love their products, use 'em a lot. I bought these cute little plastic thread holders ---->

And then just about fell over when I found these cute little stickered numbers to go on these cute little holders ...
SO WHY can they not make it that they FIT??!! The stickers are too large for the space given, they stick up over the top, and then won't stay stuck up and over.


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Jules said...

Hi, Michelle,

I was as excited as you to find those little numbered stickers and I had the same idea - but then I realised that they are for the StitchBow method of storage, which I don't like - I like my little cardboard bobbins. Oh hum,

Jules x