"SPOILED"??? ME?!!!

Puh-leeze. I am NOT spoiled. Jeez. My friend thinks I'm spoiled because I have an air conditioner and a bottled water machine. WTF??!! It gets warm in here and dang it ... I LIKE hot and cold running water at my fingertips that doesn't taste like copper or pipes or dirt. Sheesh. :o)

Have you ever decided to start a freebie to fill in time between the b.a.p.'s you have (and who DOESN'T do all the T. Wentzler freebies they can get their hands on?!) and realize that the only available fabric you have isn't the best or really the right size, but hey, it'll do ... then realize that you're short just a couple of the dmc's but hey, you can mix your own ... right?!! And then about 3 or 4 hrs. into it decide ... WTF was I thinking??!! :o) Whew. I decided to start "Dragon Rampant" this morning BUT ... the only fabric I have large enough is a linen colored 18 ct. Aida, missing a coupla flosses but they look close enough ... (what exactly IS pistachio anyway?!) well. I think I'll throw a picture on here ... later. :o)

Other than that ... am I the ONLY person that doesn't like Debbie Travis?? She just bothers me. I have recently become addicted to HGTV but I just HAFTA change the channel when she comes on. I don't know why. It can't be the fact that she's English, 'cuz we all know American women are fascinated with accents. :o)

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Lelia said...

I've never heard of Debbie Travis -- but, I enjoy Martha Stewart (some of my GFs cringe when I mention her name)

Freebies are just fun to stitch. We never have all the ingredients on hand do we??? LOL