Random Photo Day!

I've decided I'll be doing this when I can't find anything to talk about (if that ever happens) and when I get the urge ... so I'm guessin' it's the latter.

1: Craft books: Top row white are magazines I've purchased in some way - mainly crochet. The bottom row is all the large books I have on most things I'm interested in, including the left 12 which are cheat books for video games. :o) And the black binders, set in boy/girl style are print outs of things I thought I might need to know how or wish to do sometime in the future. (DAMN that Martha Stewart!!) Each book is a different subject. And these don't include the coupla hundred flier type things I've acquired over the years that won't fit in normal sized binders.

2: Where I craft: This is My (messy) Area. The table w/all my crafting
stuff on it, not organized, but I can find whatever I need when I need it. :o) I have an Ott lite there off the top of the pic. You can see my Grip-It taking up most of the floorspace (with my dragon as I'm working on it). I have a little table off to the left of the chair with 2 drawers and a shelf ... I'm afraid to go into those drawers.

3: Kramer: This is what I get everytime I get on the 'puter ... not
when I'm sitting here doing nothing, only when I start typing. Apparently he feels neglected everytime I get on here. He just sits here and stares at me. Then he'll reach up, touch me, and say something to get my attention. Then he'll lay next to me and try and make me feel guilty by looking really cute. And if that doesn't work he'll eventually roll over on his back and tease me w/the patch of white hair on his belly .... LOW on his belly if ya know what I mean! If it goes that far then I will almost always give in and pet and/or brush him. Sneaky lil sucker. ;o)

And that's it for now.

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