New tp holder ...

I made this for the bathroom last night. Bought the yarn while shopping 2 days ago ... I can never find an orange that isn't obnoxious to me so this was perfect. It's Caron Simply Soft called Mango.

This is my window ... I'm a day sleeper and these help keep the light out while it's still warm enough to keep the windows open. I'm sure I'll get or make some curtains soon ... it's getting colder at night now.

And I'm putting this on here because it amuses me ... roommate got a coupla kittens about a week ago. They're about 8 wks old, boy and girl. They came in my room and were wandering about. Boy cat so much more than girl cat - she's sickly and sadly, died last night. (whoooo ... DRAMA!) Anyway, this is boy cat crawling on my desk lamp. Standing on the remote. :) I thought he was cute.

Since she got the new cat the old one has kinda parked his fat self in my room. He's old and strangely looks just like my old fat, black cat. :) I think I'm giving him an identity crisis as I keep calling him Kraemer. heh

Lovely Monday all!


Naomi said...

i love kittens, so cute! the pcitures look lovely as a blind sealer hehe!

Tama said...

I like the orange cover, looks nice! I've been enjoying all of your crocheting. Lovely work!