In the spirit of "I can do that!" ...

I found a picture on someone's blog and decided I could make what was in the picture (instead of paying for the pattern, I know, bad of me but it isn't the same so .... :)

Anyway ... Pictures! It's a baby dress that I modified as I went along (aka: I was running out of yarn)

The 1 close up is of the pattern itself, the other is what I did with the shoulder to make it a bit more substantial.

Also added the white along all the edges and the extra rows of white towards the bottom. As I was going along I was running out of the green with not quite enough to be long enough for a dress so I added the white then more green. When I finished I had exactly 18" of green left. Whew.

Too bad I don't know anyone w/a girl child that's about 6 mths old. :) Took me about 4 hrs to make.


claudia said...

Wow! That's good for no pattern! It's cute. I'm sure you can find some deserving little girl baby to gift it to. If you are wanting to give it away.

Rainy Day Crafter said...

That was a close call with your yarn! What a sweet dress though, and I'm so impressed you made that without a pattern!! :)