Halloween stitch almost done. A new start ...

Hidee Ho Ladies ... I have *almost* finished my one Halloween treat this year. This is from Stoney Creeks' 2008 October issue. It's called "Will Spook For Food", affectionately known as "Frank".

I changed it to "candy" because I thought food sounded a little too desperate. :o) You can see where I ran out of 741. That's all I need to finish him. Frank is done on an old 16ct fabric by ... someone ... called "Night". It just seemed appropriate. I'm thinking he needs some sort of border though.

But I'm guessing it might be awhile before I might/might not get around to it as I just started this one today. It's Mira's Letter M. I finally got around to buying it and the recommended CC's for it. I took a trip to Acorn and Threads a few days ago and got these.

This is as far as I've gotten so far today. She's done on a Silkweaver 28ct linen called "Blue Dynasty". Moving right along.

Buh Bye


claudia said...

Frank is so cute!
Can't wait to see "M". I think I will cheat and go over tho the website and check it out.

CindyMae said...

Love the Halloween stitch, it is too cute!!! Great stitching. Wonderful new start too, can not wait to see more!