Well now ...

I've been a bad blogger now haven't I? Over 2 mths since my last post. Shame.

I dunno how many, if any of you, read my other blog, but I'm working 2 full time PLUS jobs (that's 88 hrs - minimum - a week ladies) so I'm keepin' a bit busy. {:-) Haven't stitched much of anything since I last posted either. Did a few Xmas ornaments, which makes no sense as I don't do anything for Christmas. :o) Have been crocheting like a fiend though. Found this really cute and fast pattern for scarves and have made about 15 in the last few weeks. I'll take a picture (hopefully soon) and get it on here.

BUT, I'm here today 'cuz I popped open my email and found this little beauty for sale (click! CLICK!! I SAY!) and just had to order her ... just 'cuz. :o)

I'm gonna try and head off a potential bad blogger streak here ...

Happy Holidays Ladies!!!


claudia said...

I have been a bad reader...I knew you had the other blog, but have failed to go over there and read it. I always enjoy your stories too. What's up with me?
Glad to see you are still around.
How are you doing otherwise? (besides the way too many hours of work)How's the RV living? I am still a little jealous, but with all this cold weather going on, well, UGH! Of course, I have been having issues with the house,as in furnace issues.
Can't wait to see your progress on the new purchase. It looks like fun!

Sharon said...

Hi M! I have been wondering how you were! Glad to see a post. What else is happening besides work?

Kimberly said...

I'm right there with you and I'm not working 2 jobs! Hope you're staying warm where you are :)

Cindy said...

That is just gorgeous!

I am returning to the stitching blogging world. I have not been around in a long time and hope that you will add me to your blog roll!