Remember Mr Peterman on Seinfeld?

When I found out that he was doing a parody of an actual company I signed up for their sales magazines because they are written exactly as he speaks in the show. This mag has been cracking me up for years now. Here's why:

This is the dress ----------->

Here's the dialogue:

She shimmered into my mind when I saw this gorgeous thing in Mexico City‘s Bazar de Antiguedades.

Not Frida Kahlo the politically aware artist, with her flamboyant colors and themes, but the sparkling, innocent creature who preceeded her.

A virginal skirt from Oaxaca, perhaps?

The shop owner, a chic little sparrow, shook her head “no.” A lavish petticoat from about 1890, actually.

I’m sure both Fridas would agree with me that we should never let mere facts get in our way.

Vintage Ruffle Skirt (No. 1514). Pure linen, bias-cut and longer at front and back, with V-pattern rows of cotton batiste ruffles. Georgette lining. Side zipper plus hook-and-eye at waistband.

Dance in it, flounce in it, flirt in it, it can’t lose the innocence.

Women’s sizes: 4 through 16.

Color: Blue.

Every one of their items for sale has a story to it. I find this incredibly amusing. I wasn't that big of a Seinfeld fan when they were running, but I have a fondness for their antics. :o)

By the way: Finished this little Betty up earlier. Brooke Burke's "Summer Pantry". I got it as a freebie for joining her interactive group. (Anyone can get it if they join) I think it's cute, but I can't imagine I would EVER have a starfish in ANY of my pantries - no matter the season. ;o)

It's almost 4 X 4 on 32 ct "Evergreen" by enchanted fabrics.

So happy weekend ladies!


Jennifer said...

I feel the same way. When Seinfeld was originally running, I wasn't that into it and didn't think it was that funny. but now that it's in reruns, I think it's HILARIOUS!

Karin said...

It's a great skirt - and what a description! Your finish is fantastic.

Sharon said...

Pretty finish-though I quite agree about the starfish.

Rachel S said...

I love that!

Thank you for posting to my blog. i love your blog!