Didja know ...

You can buy and download patterns from Cross Stitch Collectibles?? Not a whole lot to choose from yet, but they got the high-class stuff, if you're that ambitious. I haven't been ambitious enough to try a HAED yet, but I've bought a few from CSS and just got this one downloaded -->
so we'll see if I get brave enough to try this.

I saw this movie not too long ago with Scarlet Johansen and Bridget Jones' husband (Colin ... something) and I loved it.

16 pages, 4 of which are almost completely black and one IS all black. Figure if I were to do it on black fabric it would cut that much work outta it. Sadly, the only black I have right now is Aida, 14 ct. So, maybe next time I head to Joann's I'll get me some. Well, that and the 90 different flosses I'll need. :o)


Anonymous said...

Cross Stitch Collectibles is where my Starry Night came from. The boss didn't know if I would be okay with a download so he bought me hard copy, but yeah. They also have a monthly series of fractal bookmarks that are snippets of full size fractal patterns.

One awesome thing about CSC's patterns is there are no partials. And on Starry Night, at least, no backstitching. So Aida would totally work.

However, I would *not* do Girl with a Pearl Earring on black for one reason. Look at all the light colors - especially her face. The black *will* bleed through.

Jenn said...

Very nice. I got this piece a few years ago...not sure from where. I've not touched it in ages....I may hae to pick her back up. :)