I think I got it ... pictures!!

Oh man, I got the scanner figured out (why can't it be easy? I have the disc, I should be able to just put it in and go. Sheesh.) !! I got a couple of pictures here - whoot!!

First: my 4th of July Holiday Sampler. Isn't it a cute lil bugger?! Well, not so little - about 9" by 12" +/-. But still cute. I don't remember the name for this one (I've already traded it off) but I got it from the bargain bin at the LNS.

Next: my *almost* finished "The Sampler Lady" by Little House Needleworks. *Almost* as when it came to the skirt I didn't wanna finish the fill in with the colors I had so for now she's in stasis. She's done in almost all Crescent Colors but for the red which is DMC variegated and the lettering which is WDW. I've been wanting to use this color on something - I realize it doesn't really go with this one but creative license is one of the joys of stitching, right?! Oh, and on a random Ivory 28 ct. fabric I had laying around.

And this last picture is Valerie Pfeiffer's "Sitting Pretty". I've always been in love with this stitch and bought it from TeeJay a little while back and whipped it out in about 2 wks.

So that's it for pictures for now, I'll take s'more later. I have quite a few things I'm working on.

In other stitching news, I said a little while back that I went on a sampler tear a few weeks ago ... I'm currently working on LHN's "A Friendship Tree". I'm about finished with the tree. Or will be when I frog the middle branch on the right (off by 1) and the bottom on same side, it's off by 1/2. :o( I did the branches first then the leaves. Apparently I can't count. ::sigh:: I'll get it.

And I bought quite a few other LHN samplers and various others. I don't want to overwhelm with pics.

Until next time: Happy Stitching!!


Sharon said...

Hi M! Nice to see a post. You have been busy-great wip's. Love the patriotic sampler.

claudia said...

Did you say you were having s'mores later? I'm in!
Just kidding!
Love your finishes and not quite finishes. Sittin' Pretty is about the cutest stitch I've seen. Prolly won't get around to doing it myself until about 2016, but hey! It's on my to do list!